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Steinway Pianos That Honor Tradition, Innovation, Technique, & Technology. Committed To Providing You With Unrivaled Attention Since 1853.


“I have owned and played a Steinway all my life. It’s the best Beethoven piano. The best Chopin piano. And the best Ray Charles piano. I like it, too.”

– Randy Newman

  • Steinway, “still center stage after 170 years” Music Trades, November 2018
  • As Ron Losby (former Steinway CEO) put it, “we have never compromised,” which is evident that 95% of concert artists choose to perform on Steinway pianos
  • In 1838, the Chickering design of a cast-iron plate was adopted, and Steinway went further, adding overlapping bass and treble strings, for unheard of power and superior tone
  • In today’s pianos, these over-stringing and cast iron plate features are used in the overwhelming majority of pianos—grand and vertical
  • Improving the design with an 18-layer maple  & 70,000 lbs of string tension, Steinway’s 1876 “Centennial Grand was even more powerful
  • And Steinway artists continued to build the reputation, where today “the instrument of Immortals” refers to the Steinway pianos, according to Music Trades, November 2018
  • Engineer C.F. Theodor was a “piano genius” who developed 41 critically important patents Music Trades, 11/2018
  • Other Steinway highlights:
    • introduced a small grand, the Model S, for smaller homes and budgets
    • Architect Eric Gugler created a unique White House grand—the 300,000th Steinway—with massive gilded eagles for legs
    • the GI piano was built especially for WW II bases, in a lovely olive drab finish; nearly 1,000 of these G.I. pianos were built
  • The secret of the Steinway pianos: “C.F. Theodor Steinway explained “we take great pains in selecting the finest raw materials, use designs that have proven superiority, and accept nothing less than perfect workmanship”
  • For many reasons, this adheres to Isaac Newton’s famous saying, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” And this is the Steinway legacy that continues to support and inspire the entire piano-building industry MT 11/18


European Rebuilt Steinways

Vintage New York and Hamburg Steinways that previously “were unloved” and beyond repair. These were then completely refinished with polished ebony cabinetry, refinished cast-iron plate.


The important part: completely rebuilt completely by master craftsmen who’ve earned the title Klavierbauer. These highly-skilled technicians have undergone a 3-year apprenticeship, so their skill level is above and beyond the American-trained (and Teamster unionized) technicians.


But, you must see, hear and play them. Compare these American vs. European Steinways. You will be amazed!

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