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The Piano Poodles

Meet Our Roving Mascots

Baldoin, pronounced Baldwin, is always ready for playtime.
Roland, ever the stalwart paragon of loyalty.
Shy Perzina, cautious Perzina, lovable Perzina.

What team would be complete without a mascot? Well, our piano sales team has 3! Introducing the piano poodles: Baldoin, Roland, and Perzina!

You can find these friendly creatures roaming the store, ready to welcome all comers. We'd say they double as security guards, if they weren't so friendly.

Baldoin – It's a bit difficult to type when he wants to play fetch, but who could say no to this face? The most gregarious of the bunch, Baldoin is fun-loving and friendly—the leader of the pack!

Roland – Quiet and affectionate, perfectly happy to set up camp under our desks. Roland is the eldest of the three and carries himself with the requisite dignity of a statesman.

Perzina – Unlikely to beg for attention, but more than willing to accept it. The most recent addition to our family, Perzina is the shy girl with glasses who doesn't know she's a star!