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Player Piano Systems

The Ultra Modern PianoDisc


PianoDisc is the modern counterpart of the player piano. No longer reliant upon player piano rolls, PianoDisc is a digital system that brings the charm and novelty of a player piano into the 21st century. This system is capable of being installed on any size acoustic piano, from upright to grand, new or used.

Far from being limited to entertainment purposes, a PianoDisc system can be used as an educational tool as well, allowing students to observe any piece as it is recreated. PianoDisc is capable of utilizing all 88 keys in its playback feature, and with well over 1000 pressure-sensitive settings, it is able to recreate the musical touch and feel of a professional performance.

Core Technology — SilentDrive HD

The SilentDrive HD system is the newest version of PianoDisc’s SilentDrive system, the brain that processes every nuance of the piano’s articulation for recording and playback.

Preloaded with over 1000 expression settings per note, a SilentDrive HD performance is nearly indistinguishable from that of a professional pianist. Equipped with a faster processor and more sensitive hardware, the SilentDrive HD is perfectly suited for performance and recording. The sensitivity of the hardware improves transitions between notes, particularly obvious in the case of trills and fast scales. The sheer number of presets also improves the PianoDisc’s ability to play expressively, even at low volume levels.

iQ Intelligent Player System

The iQ Intelligent Player System allows for PianoDisc products to seamlessly integrate with today’s music player technologies, including mp3 players, iPods, iPhones, iPads, and a wide range of Android devices. The steep learning curve of other interfaces disappears when you can use your own device to control this system. Some variations of the PianoDisc system are entirely internal, making your device the only visible electronic component and preserving the external beauty of your piano.

iQ iPad Air

Take advantage of wireless technology with this revolutionary feature. Through the use of an iPad, you can remotely control your music library and PianoDisc system simultaneously. Download new or organize existing music and play it at the touch of a button! The iQ iPad Air can also play from PianoDisc’s Internet Streaming Radio Broadcast! Want to follow along? Use the iPad’s larger screen to read sheet music as it is played by your PianoDisc!

iQ Galaxy

Functioning much like the iQ iPad Air, this version is for Samsung fans only. Wirelessly manage your media and access the popular and highly-rated DoubleTwist jukebox app, which includes 500 free songs. Specific to this version is the ability to bypass Apple’s iTunes store and access music downloads directly from the PianoDisc music website.

QuietTime Magic Star

The QuietTime Magic Star system can be installed in any piano, even a used piano. This feature allows the piano to be played essentially on mute, while the sound is then channeled to headphones. This unique setup merges the best features of a digital piano with the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. A bar is placed between the hammers and strings, preventing them from making contact. The sensors placed underneath the keys translate the action to digital MIDI data, which can be translated into one of 127 different preset sounds.

iQ Flash

The iQ Flash is PianoDisc’s external mp3 player, capable of supporting multiple inputs, including wireless, USB, SD, and MultiMediaCard. With an optional upgrade, this console can also serve as a recording device, allowing you to save, import, export, and share your performances! Mounted under the keyboard, this powerful, but unobtrusive, module is extremely easy to use, featuring one-touch recording and playback.


Truly a tool for professionals, ProRecord is a no-touch, optically driven solution for player pianos. This system can be installed on a wide variety of acoustic pianos, from smaller uprights to the largest grands. The no-touch feature allows the acoustic aspect of the piano to remain unhindered by any device, as all data is read by no-contact sensors. A companion app makes this system highly customizable, allowing you to tinker with internal sensors and adjust the system for any setup.

Midi Controller System

When used as a MIDI controller, your piano can be an input device for your home computer or laptop. Use it with popular notation software, like Sibelius or Finale, or production software, like Logic or ProTools, or even send MIDI data to another digital device, like a sequencer.

Explore an entirely new world of sound without ever leaving the bench! This system also supports up to 3 pedals, allowing every aspect of your performance to be controlled and digitized.