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Leading a digital revolution with its ingenious piano modeling technologies, Roland seamlessly captures the essence of the acoustic piano sound.

Original Piano Maker(s)
Roland Founder, IKUTARO KAKEHASHI (1930 – 2017)

Date Established
Original Location(s)
Osaka, Japan, with offices in Tokyo & Osaka

Benefits & Features

  • SuperNATURAL & PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technologies, capturing the essence of an acoustic piano in every note.
  • PHA-50 & Hybrid Grand Keyboards, with Progressive Damper Action pedals, respond to the pressure, speed, and velocity of a pianist’s performance
  • Powerful, Acoustic Projection multi-speaker systems for a deep, rich authentic acoustic sound field: 4-way/8-speaker, 3-way/6-speaker, and 2-way/4-speaker configurations
  • Headphone Acoustic Projection to optimize sound sent to headphones
  • Large and versatile collection of non-piano sounds–electric piano, strings, organ, and many others
  • Sleek, modern luxury cabinet designs with elegant front legs and dramatic curves
  • Bluetooth connectivity for Smartphone/tablet apps integration, including Roland’s Piano Every Day app
  • Onboard tutorial features

Notable Dates

  • 1974 — Debut of the EP-30 Electronic Piano, the world’s first touch-sensitive keyboard.
  • 1977 — Fuji Roland Corporation (presently Roland Corporation) established in Matsumoto.
  • 1981 — JUPITER-8 Synthesizer, a masterpiece that became the touchstone for future synthesizer development.

Notable Dates (cont.)

  • 1983 — HP-300 and HP-400, the first digital pianos with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).
  • 1984 — Opens the Roland Music School in Used, Osaka.
  • 1985 — MPU-401 MIDI Processing Unit, an interface connecting a PC to a MIDI device; Roland’s first electronic drum set, the a-DRUM Electronic Drums.
  • 1986 — Hosoe factory completed.
  • 1990 — HP-3700 Digital Piano, the trend-setting model in the HP series.
  • 1991 — GS format established, standardizing sounds and controls via MIDI.
  • 1998 — UA-100 USB Audio Interface, the world’s first for recording and playback of high-fidelity digital audio with a PC.
  • 2001 — Roland Music Studios Corporation launches music schools nationwide; introduction of the HPi-5 with DigiScore, an LCD built into the music rack.
  • 2006 — Roland Foresta program begins.
  • 2009 — V-Piano Digital Piano premiers with a new sound generator for reproducing the elements of the piano.
  • 2011 — SuperNATURAL develops further in the V-Piano and JUPITER-80 products.
  • 2013 — HPi-50 Digital Piano announced, combining Roland’s advanced piano technologies and latest DigiScore education features.
  • 2015 — Roland expands the popular home digital piano line with the compact HP603 and HP605, along with the upright LX-7 and flagship LX-17.
  • 2017 — Roland Founder, IKUTARO KAKEHASHI, passes.
  • 2018 — Announcement of the GP609 Digital Piano.
  • 2019 — HP700 Series introduced.
  • 2019 — LX700 Digital Piano Series honored with three design awards in six months, including the Red Dot Product Design Award.

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