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Grand Recital Hall

Live Performances in Grand Hall

Our Music Hall Awaits You

Located on the Houston Piano Company campus, Grand Recital Hall and its recently retrofitted recording studio offers an intimate performance space, with ample seating to accommodate students, friends & family. It has become a yearly meeting place for our local community of piano teachers, who rely on the venue for their numerous recitals, auditions, and competitions—an ideal setting to share the joy of playing music before a live, considerate audience.

Featured in Grand Recital Hall are three fantastic pianos: a Mason & Hamlin 7' grand piano, a Bösendorfer 6' 7'' grand piano, and a massive 9' Steinway Model D grand piano. We know everyone has different tastes, and that's wonderful! We're proud to offer the use of three of the greatest pianos available today.

Reserve your recital early, as the end of every semester is usually booked solidly with recitals, master classes, concerts, and recording sessions.

Flamenco Poets Society Performance, Brinton Averil Smith on cello.

More Than
A Recital Venue

Every year, over 100 studios, organizations, and individuals decide to hold their events in Grand Recital Hall. The orientation of Grand Recital Hall makes for an extremely intimate performance. Everyone is easily within sight of the piano, and there is no raised stage, making the connection between performer and audience that much deeper.

Recitals, meetings, competitions, and ceremonies are held nearly every weekend here at Houston Piano Company, including auditions.

Molly Mustonen recording an audition at HPC.

A State-Of-The-Art Theatre

Houston Piano Company has recently revamped the recording studio with state-of-the-art equipment. HD cameras, a new sound system, live streaming capability, professional lighting, professional microphones, extensive storage, and massive computing power allow for greater recording quality than ever offered before.

This is in addition to the three concert-quality grand pianos available, each from a different top-tier piano maker.

Let Us Make Your Event a Success!

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Lauren Daher (713) 467-5444, [email protected]

Teachers, parents, and students have previously participated in MTNA competitions, Gold Cup, Suzuki training, and other similar events, all right here at Houston Piano Company. The hall can also be used for meetings or awards ceremonies, as it has in the past for organizations like TMTA and the Gulf Coast Music Association.


Our own School of Music utilizes Grand Hall for its students’ seasonal recitals, providing the opportunity for parents and friends to see what they’ve been missing. 

And now with live streaming, those who would otherwise not be able to attend can watch performances from anywhere they can access the Internet.