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Our Team

Tucked away in The Heights

Our Piano Consultants

The sales team at Houston Piano Company comprises individuals who are not merely salespeople but enthusiasts deeply entrenched in music. From classical virtuosos to jazz fans, each member brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist customers in finding the perfect piano to suit their needs. Whether a grand piano for a concert hall or a digital piano for a beginner, the sales team ensures that every customer receives personalized attention and guidance throughout their purchasing journey.

Dave Smith

Acoustic / Digital Specialist (35 Years Experience)

(713) 568-3273

Maggie Pollio

Piano Consultant / The Chinese Piano Lady (32 Years Experience)

(713) 568-6570

Larry Harms

Acoustic / Digital Guru (35 Years Experience)

(713) 568-6505

School of Music Faculty Members

Houston Piano Company boasts a dynamic team of educators passionate about sharing their love of music with the community. Through various educational programs and workshops, these educators inspire the next generation of musicians and foster a greater appreciation for the piano as an instrument of expression and creativity. Whether teaching a child to play their first notes or helping an adult rediscover their love for music, the educators at Houston Piano Company are committed to making a positive impact through music education.

Bruce Harrover

Piano Instructor

Keith Yost

Piano Instructor

Jorge Martinez

Piano Instructor

Our Staff

Steve Merrill

Co-Owner / Piano Valuations

(713) 898-9210

Sue Merrill

Co-Owner / Marketing & Development

Violette Daher

Business Manager / Accounting

Lauren Daher

Office Administrator /
Events & Recitals

(713) 467-5444