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Based on the Viennese, European sound tradition, Brodmann pianos offer the flexibility of three tiers with top quality European parts.

Original Piano Maker(s)
Joseph Brodmann (1771-1848)


Date Established
c. Late 1700s/Early 1800s


Original Location(s)
Vienna, Austria


Benefits & Features

  • Designed in the Viennese, European sound tradition
    Offered in three tiers: The Conservatory Edition, The Professional Edition, and The Artist Series
  • Many models with top quality European parts:
  • Austrian white (slow growth) spruce soundboard and ribs from Strunz (for sustain, power and overtones);
    Viennese-designed Langer action (for a smooth touch with fast repetition);
  • Röslau strings; and
  • German-made Abel hammers (for greater dynamic expression)

Wide selection of models, both grands and uprights

Notable Dates

  • 1800 — Brodmann listed in the Lexicon of Musicians as ‘Instrument Maker.’
  • 1813 — Carl Maria von Weber purchased a Brodmann grand piano.
  • 1828 — Brodmann retired, giving his company to Bösendorfer; “inscriptions on Bösendorfer pianos of that year note that he was ‘Brodmann’s pupil’ or that the firm was ‘formerly Brodmann.'”

Innovation(s) / Patent(s)

  • c. 1800 — Awarded patent for improvement of the instrument querflügel.
  • 1825 — Awarded patent for the triple-laminated soundboard.

Current Owner(s)
Arceau Arts GmbH, Vienna


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In the bustling city of Houston, where music flows through the streets like a gentle melody, piano enthusiasts are treated to a symphony of options for acquiring a new piano. Among the choices, one brand stands out for its commitment to excellence rooted in the rich Viennese and European sound tradition: Brodmann pianos. These exquisite instruments captivate with their enchanting tones and offer various options to suit every pianist’s needs, making them a coveted choice for discerning musicians and fans alike.

For those on the quest for a piano store near them in Houston, the allure of Brodmann pianos awaits. Nestled within the city’s vibrant cultural landscape, piano enthusiasts can explore the wide selection of Brodmann instruments showcased in a reputable piano store, each beckoning with the promise of unparalleled musical experiences. Whether one seeks the grandeur of a concert hall masterpiece or the intimacy of a home instrument, Brodmann pianos cater to diverse preferences and aspirations, embodying the essence of European craftsmanship and artistry.

Central to the appeal of Brodmann pianos is their adherence to the esteemed Viennese and European sound tradition, which is the guiding principle behind the brand’s philosophy. Drawing upon centuries of musical heritage and innovation, Brodmann pianos resonate with European instruments’ distinctive warmth, clarity, and depth, evoking the timeless elegance and sophistication associated with the continent’s illustrious piano-making legacy. With meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to quality, each Brodmann piano embodies the essence of craftsmanship and excellence, offering an excellent musical experience that transcends mere notes and melodies.

At the heart of Brodmann’s lineup lies a commitment to providing pianists with the utmost flexibility and choice, reflected in the brand’s three-tiered approach to instrument design. By leveraging top-quality European parts and materials, Brodmann pianos offer a range of options tailored to suit varying preferences and performance requirements, ensuring that every pianist can find the perfect instrument to complement their unique style and artistic vision. From the aspiring novice to the seasoned virtuoso, Brodmann pianos provide a pathway to musical expression that knows no bounds, empowering musicians to unlock their full creative potential with confidence and grace.

For those searching for pianos for sale in Houston, Brodmann presents an enticing array of options that cater to both the discerning connoisseur and the eager novice. Whether drawn to a grand piano’s majestic allure or an upright model’s compact versatility, Brodmann pianos stand as a beacon of quality, reliability, and musical excellence. With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support, Brodmann ensures that each piano purchase is a transaction and a transformative journey filled with discovery, inspiration, and joy.

In conclusion, Brodmann pianos represent a harmonious marriage of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship that embodies European musical heritage’s timeless beauty and elegance. For those seeking a new piano in Houston, the allure of Brodmann instruments beckons with their enchanting tones, exquisite craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether gracing the stage of a concert hall or adorning the living room of a private residence, a Brodmann piano is not just an instrument but a cherished companion that enriches lives and transcends generations with its timeless allure and enduring legacy.

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