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Boston Grand Piano

The Boston Piano by Steinway & Sons

The Boston piano, meticulously designed by Steinway & Sons, has become a beloved instrument among musicians and enthusiasts. Its construction, featuring a solid spruce soundboard and a patented Octagrip™ pin block, ensures unparalleled sound projection and tuning stability. The exquisite sound it produces, with its unique Duplex Scaling system and precision-engineered strings, is unmatched in clarity, richness, and depth. This combination of meticulous construction and exquisite sound not only makes it a stunning instrument but also gives you the confidence to own a high-quality piano.

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Boston Grand_03

The Boston piano responds with remarkable sensitivity and nuance, playing soft and delicate passages or powerful and resonant chords. This exceptional versatility, allowing for a wide range of musical expression, makes it a favorite choice among pianists of all levels. The design of the Boston piano is also worth noting. Drawing inspiration from the classic styling of traditional pianos, Boston pianos exude an air of timeless elegance. 

The Boston piano has a rich history, deeply rooted in the late 20th century when Steinway & Sons identified the need for a more affordable alternative to their flagship pianos. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Steinway & Sons partnered with renowned piano designer Kawai, known for their precision and innovation, to create a line of pianos that would embody the same level of craftsmanship and musical excellence for which they were known. The outcome was the Boston Piano, which debuted in 1992. Since then, the Boston piano has continued evolving and innovating, incorporating new technologies and design elements from both Steinway & Sons and Kawai to enhance its performance.


The true measure of the Boston piano’s success lies in the hearts and hands of the musicians who play it. Houston Piano Company offers various pre-owned pianos. Contact us to find a like-new Boston 5’4″ baby grand with the player system installed and a 10-year in-store warranty for piano only .  

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