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used upright pianos

The Benefits of Learning Piano for Kids

Playing the piano is more than just a delightful way for children to engage with music; it’s a comprehensive tool that nurtures their…

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history of pianos

History of Pianos

The piano, with its 88 keys and commanding presence, is more than just a musical instrument—it’s a symbol of creative expression that has…

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Harry S. Truman

Truman was the 33rd President of the United States of America; he played the piano. Measured by the time and effort expended, the…

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Katzenklavier: A Medicine For Melancholy

The “Cat Organ,” or “Cat Piano,” was an idea attributed to, but probably not executed by, the German Jesuit Scholar, Anthanasius Kircher, S.J….

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Red Pops for (RED) Steinway ($1.925 Million)

A Confluence of Design Unlike other public sales included in the category of most expensive pianos, Sotheby’s (RED) Auction was organized solely for…

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Albert Einstein

A German theoretical physicist, who played the piano and violin. Music was no mere diversion.  On the contrary, it helped him think.  ‘Whenever…

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Klavins’ Giant

Up until 1987, the largest piano was the 1935 British Challen & Son Concert Grand built for King George V and Queen Mary’s…

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Holly Hunter

An American actress and producer, Hunter plays the piano, trumpet and French horn. She is musical.  As a child she played the trumpet,…

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The Lore Of Elvis Presley’s White Knabe

In his formative years, before rock ‘n’ roll surged through his legs and hips on the Ed Sullivan Show, Elvis Aaron Presley sat…

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William F. Buckley, Jr.

An American conservative author and commentator, who founded the National Review. Buckley played the piano and harpsichord. [Buckley’s] early schooling in the family home……

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