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A Guarantee For Piano Lesson


ADMIRABLE GOALLearning to play the piano is a noble task, with great rewards. But it requires some effort, a piano at home, an inspiring teacher, in a helpful home setting. Four factors, all working together.
  • Some TIME & EFFORT—there’s no instant “magic wand,” but like math, English or spelling lessons are approached daily in school
  • PIANO in the HOME—rental options minimize upfront $$’s, buying a “starter piano,” and later upgrading grand
  • GREAT, INSPIRING TEACHER—a well-qualified, patient—and motivating—teacher who enjoys both kids and music
  • NURTURING HOME ENVIRONMENT—setting aside time to review assignment, establishing a routine for “musical homework,” a regular time for practice, and an ‘audition’ for Mom & Dad.

Will this provide the GUARANTEE? Getting close!

You don’t play? Many times, parents aren’t musical and don’t know how to play, so they remain uninvolved. By merely reviewing the lesson with the child provides reinforcement and avoids “I don’t know what to practice” after lessons.

Today’s learners also use YouTube, cellphones & tablets to help learn any skill. Use those options as much as possible. Here are a few Tutors to help:

Faber & Faber’s Piano Adventures

Alfred’s Premier Piano Course,

The Hal Leonard Student Piano Method, and

Faber & Faber Adult Piano Adventures, Level 1 and 2

There are many more; please ask for the complete list.

All these courses have interactive (changing speed or key) song files, so

  1. The student “knows how the song goes.” Originally, these were only available for digital pianos, and customized for Roland, but now.
  2. The Amazing Slow-Downer program gives that same interactivity, usable with any piano digital or acoustic—truly AMAZING!
  3. Call (832) 674-0222 for a personalized demonstration

Again, will this GUARANTEE success at the piano?

Getting CLOSER & CLOSER!  Still takes monitoring, encouraging new steps & pieces, and reinforcing each of these “tutorials.” And the learning path becomes smoother and more enjoyable—reaching SUCCESS very quickly!


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