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Hallet Davis HS188

Hallet Davis HS 188EP Grand Piano

The Hallet, Davis & Co. HS 188EP Grand Piano embodies the culmination of centuries-old craftsmanship and contemporary innovation, offering a symphony of precision engineering, aesthetic beauty, and unparalleled musical expression. This exquisite instrument, stretching to an impressive 188 cm, is meticulously crafted to satisfy the demands of concert halls, music conservatories, and discerning pianists seeking an instrument of profound character and dynamic range.

In terms of aesthetics, the HS 188EP Grand Piano is a masterpiece. Its elegant profile and polished ebony finish resonate with timeless elegance, making it a striking centerpiece for any setting. The piano’s gracefully curved legs, lyre, and music desk are visually appealing and contribute to the instrument’s overall stability and acoustic properties. Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the piano’s design, from the luxurious feel of the keyboard to the lustrous sheen of its cabinet.

Hallet Davis HS 188EP Grand

Size: 6’2″  – 188 cm

Agraffes / Duplex Scale: Yes

Beam / Soundboard: Spruce

#1 Bass String: 55.36 in. 

Strings: Roslau – Germany

Rim- Inner/Outer: Walnut

Weight / Boxed: 871 lbs. – 396 kg

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty