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Hallet Davis HS109D

Hallet Davis HS109D 43″ Upright Piano

Hallet, Davis & Co. HS109D 43″ Upright Piano embodies the enduring legacy of a distinguished piano manufacturer, blending classic craftsmanship with modern design for a grand piano experience in smaller spaces. It is suitable for both homes and educational settings and offers unparalleled musical quality and aesthetic appeal.

At the heart of the HS109D’s performance is its meticulously crafted solid spruce soundboard, renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. Paired with precision-engineered strings and robust hammers, it delivers a dynamic tone with clarity and depth across all registers.
The piano’s action provides responsive, tactile feedback, enabling expressive performances. Finished with premium materials, the keys offer a comfortable, natural feel to reduce fatigue during extended playing sessions.

With its 43″ height, the HS109D maintains a compact footprint without compromising sound quality and is available in polished ebony, mahogany, or walnut finishes to complement any decor.
User-friendly features include a “soft fall” keyboard cover for safe closure and a practice pedal for quiet practice sessions. Sustainability is a key focus, with sustainably sourced materials and eco-conscious manufacturing processes minimizing environmental impact.

In summary, the HS109D represents Hallet, Davis & Co.’s commitment to quality, performance, and environmental responsibility, offering exceptional sound, elegant design, and user-centric features for discerning pianists.

Hallet Davis - HS109D

Size: 43″

Back Posts / Ribs: Spruce

Soundboard: Premium Spruce

Plate: Sand Cast Iron

Strings: Roslau – Germany

Bridges / Pin Block: Hard Rock Maple

Action Type: Full Direct Blow

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty