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The Falcone Grand Piano, a custom piano originally designed by Santi Falcone who was born in Sicily and originally had his inspiration during his time as a student at Saint Cecilia Conservatory in Rome where he learned to tune pianos.


After four years (costing an estimated $400,000), Santi Falcone completed his first ‘handmade’ piano which “accurately transcribed his vision of design, tone, and responsiveness.”

Original Piano Maker(s)
Santi Falcone (b. 1945)


Date Established
c. 1982/1983


Original Location(s)
Woburn, Massachusetts


Notable Dates

  • 1978 — Falcone began experimenting on his ‘idea,’ to make a piano of highest quality but also affordable.

  • 1982 — Falcone completed his first ‘hand-made’ instrument, a 6′ grand.

  • 1983 — Falcone completed his second piano, a 9′ concert grand.

  • 1983-1989 — Falcone built and/or supervised 170 pianos; all grands, both 6’1″ and 7’4,” as well as the 9″ concert grand.

  • c. 1985 — Falcone moved headquarters to Haverhill, MA.

  • 1987 — Employed 40 workers, turning out 4 to 5 pianos per month.

  • 1989 — Increased size to 60 employees, turning out 10 to 12 pianos per month.

  • 1989 — Falcone left the company and became a chocolatier, establishing Dante Confections.

  • 1995 — Last Falcone piano made at Haverhill Factory.

In January 1983, in a small wood-working shop behind a retail music store in Woburn, Mass., Santi Falcone founded the Falcone Piano Co. and set out to make the ‘best piano in the world.’ [When] Rudolf Serkin dropped by the shop to try out the new instrument [, he] said, ‘Mr. Falcone, you are the artist.’


– Lucien Rhodes, Inc. Magazine


Innovation(s) / Patent(s)

  • 1987 — Santi Falcone awarded patent # US 4640174 A for a “‘Soundboard Calibrator.’

Current Owner(s)

Manufactured for North America by Nanjing Moutrie Piano Company in Nanjing, China, and distributed by Welkin Sound Inc. in Ontario, California.

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