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Hallet Davis HS160

Hallet Davis HS160 Elite Grand

The Hallet Davis & Co. HS 160 EP Baby Grand Piano lies in its meticulously selected solid spruce soundboard, renowned for its ability to resonate with rich, full-bodied tones. This soundboard, in concert with premium quality strings and a precision-engineered action, ensures that every note played is imbued with exceptional clarity, depth, and dynamism. The result is a sound that is expansive yet nuanced, capable of conveying the subtlest emotional nuances of any musical piece. The HS 160 EP Elite Baby Grand Piano’s action mechanism is a marvel of engineering, offering a tactile responsiveness that allows for nuanced expression and technical precision. This responsiveness ensures that pianists can easily and confidently execute the most demanding passages, from the softest to the most thunderous fortissimo. The piano’s keys, coated with a special material, provide a comfortable, natural feel that enhances the connection between the musician and their instrument.

Hallet Davis HS 160 EP

Size: 5’3″  – 160 cm

Agraffes / Duplex Scale: Yes

Beam / Soundboard: Spruce

#1 Bass String: 48.15 in. 

Strings: Roslau – Germany

Rim- Inner/Outer: Walnut

Weight / Boxed: 794 lbs. – 360 kg

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty