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Hallet Davis HS118M 46.5″

Hallet Davis HS115M2 45″ Upright Piano

The Hallet, Davis & Co. HS118M upright piano, standing at an impressive 46.5 inches, epitomizes upright piano craftsmanship. Rooted in a rich heritage dating back to the 19th century, it seamlessly blends aesthetic elegance, superior sound quality, and exceptional playability. Designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike, the HS118M upright piano reflects the brand’s enduring commitment to crafting inspiring instruments.

At its core, a meticulously crafted solid spruce soundboard delivers a rich, resonant tone characterized by clarity and depth. Its height enables longer strings and a larger soundboard area, resulting in a dynamic range comparable to grand pianos.
Engineered for precision, the action mechanism provides immediate and nuanced tactile feedback across the keyboard, facilitating expressive playability. Aesthetically, the HS118M upright piano exudes sophistication and is available in various finishes to complement diverse interior styles. Practical features like the safety slow-close keyboard cover and integrated practice pedal enhance the playing experience.
Sustainability is paramount, focusing on responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

The Hallet, Davis & Co. HS118M 46.5″ upright piano represents the epitome of piano craftsmanship, offering unparalleled sonic excellence, elegant design, and innovative features. It symbolizes quality and inspiration in music, suitable for practice, performance, or as a centerpiece in any setting.

Hallet Davis - HS118M upright piano

Size: 46.5″

Back Posts / Ribs: Spruce

Soundboard: Premium Spruce

Plate: Sand Cast Iron

Strings: Roslau – Germany

Bridges / Pin Block: Hard Rock Maple

Action Type: Full Direct Blow

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty