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Yamaha Corporation was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer by Torakusu Yamaha in Hamamatsu, Japan.


From very humble beginnings, when Torakusa Yamaha tried to perfect the tuning of his first reed organ, and persevering through two world wars, the company evolved to become one of the most recommended of piano makers. 

Original Piano Maker(s)
Torakusu Yamaha (1851 – 1916)


Date Established


Original Location(s)
Headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan


Notable Dates

  • 1887 — Yamaha introduced the first Japanese harmonium.

  • 1897 — Yamaha hired Koichi Kawai who was only 11 at the time.

  • 1899 — Japan’s Ministry of Education sent Yamaha to the US on a research trip to learn about the mechanics of a modern piano.

  • 1900 — Yamaha introduced its first upright piano.

  • 1902 — Yamaha introduced its first grand piano.

  • 1904 — Yamaha awarded honorary prizes at the Saint Louis World’s Fair.

“It all began with a broken organ.”

– Torakusu Yamaha


Notable Dates (cont.)

  • 1930 — Yamaha opened world’s first research laboratory.
  • 1932 — Magnum Organ introduced.
  • 1954 — Yamaha opened up its first music school in Tokyo.
  • 1958 — Yamaha began producing electronic instruments.
  • 1950s — Yamaha became the largest piano manufacturer.
  • 1987 — The company officially changed its name to Yamaha Corporation.

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