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Based on the Viennese, European sound tradition, Brodmann pianos offer the flexibility of three tiers with top quality European parts.

Original Piano Maker(s)
Joseph Brodmann (1771-1848)


Date Established
c. Late 1700s/Early 1800s


Original Location(s)
Vienna, Austria


Benefits & Features

  • Designed in the Viennese, European sound tradition
    Offered in three tiers: The Conservatory Edition, The Professional Edition, and The Artist Series
  • Many models with top quality European parts:
  • Austrian white (slow growth) spruce soundboard and ribs from Strunz (for sustain, power and overtones);
    Viennese-designed Langer action (for a smooth touch with fast repetition);
  • Röslau strings; and
  • German-made Abel hammers (for greater dynamic expression)

Wide selection of models, both grands and uprights

Notable Dates

  • 1800 — Brodmann listed in the Lexicon of Musicians as ‘Instrument Maker.’
  • 1813 — Carl Maria von Weber purchased a Brodmann grand piano.
  • 1828 — Brodmann retired, giving his company to Bösendorfer; “inscriptions on Bösendorfer pianos of that year note that he was ‘Brodmann’s pupil’ or that the firm was ‘formerly Brodmann.'”

Innovation(s) / Patent(s)

  • c. 1800 — Awarded patent for improvement of the instrument querflügel.
  • 1825 — Awarded patent for the triple-laminated soundboard.

Current Owner(s)
Arceau Arts GmbH, Vienna


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