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More than
Just a Piano Store

Tucked away in The Heights

"Motivated by a love of music and possessed of a clear understanding of the reasons for practicing, you can establish so deep an accord between your musical self and your personal self that eventually music and life will interact in a never-ending cycle of fulfillment."

Seymour Bernstein
Pianist, Teacher & Composer

Experts: dedicated and passionate about serving you.

Our combined expertise, dedication, and passion for music allows us to help all of our customers find the right musical fit—from the beginner to the advanced, the amateur to professional.

We subscribe to the belief that the best piano is the piano that best suits an individual’s needs.

Our aim is to have lifelong patrons and lifelong learners.

That is why we offer a warm, inviting and informative environment for an enjoyable, laid-back shopping experience. Our main goal is to focus on what you feel is the most important aspect in a piano and match your interest and those qualities. Our mission is to assist you in that process.

We’re Proud of the Services We Provide

To accommodate all needs, we maintain a large inventory of piano styles and brands both new and used (including digitals). You have a guided, side-by-side comparison for making the best selection, for your perfect piano—the one perfect for you.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive musical services to help learners and performers, including live performances and recitals.

HPC School of Music

Grand Recital Hall

Bluetooth Player Installations

Player Upgrades

Looking to Sell Your Instrument?

We offer fair evaluations of all makes and models.

Our location is essential to maintain a casual feel.

Centrally located in Houston, accessible from all directions.

Nestled in the residential areas of our campus, we take delight in maintaining gardens complete with sculptures (and ample parking) to enhance the neighborhood.

Thank You Houston

From Our Family… to Yours!

– The HPC Family

Our main building is located at 1600 W. 13th Street where you will be greeted by our piano poodles. The second building, located adjacent to the first, contains more showrooms, as well as the intimate Grand Recital Hall and serviceable kitchen. The third building, located across the street, is home to HPC’s School of Music. The fourth building is our workshop where we install player piano systems. And our new fifth building is directly behind the school, adds a smaller recital venue and prestige piano showroom.